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Clubhouse & Parking

Brooklyn Speed is proud to have the friendliest and most helpful community garage thanks to our Clubhouse Membership program.

Our members are from all types of life, background, gender, hobbies and many more colorful aspects of which is the direct representation of our rich NYC culture.

Keep your bike safe and secure from the reckless drivers, thieves and long brick winter of NYC. In the meantime, link up with the likeminded moto friends and enjoy the good times at Brooklyn Speed events  and gatherings.

Highlights of the Clubhouse Membership:
  • 24/7 Access to your bike, shared tools and lift space
  • 24/7 Survelliance - Climate Controlled - Clean workspace
  • Personal locker for your gear and personal belongings
  • 10% off on service, parts and customization work
  • One time 2 hour complimentary pro technician guidance
  • First dibs to workshops and events 
  • Fully stocked powerwash & detailing station
  • Ice cold fridge for drinks, BBQ, outlet for battery tenders
3 month term: $275/month
6 month term: $250/month
12 month term: TBD
* All packages require upfront payment at sign up
** After your term is up, you can do month - to - month payment of $275/month
*** All payments have to be made via cash/Venmo/Zelle